The Long Range Maintenance Plan Progress

Diagram for wiring the Quality Silicon Rectifier in an Original A Pinsetter

In May 2011 Jeff Lawrence became the new Head Mechanic. His mission was to recondition the vintage Brunswick A series pinsetters and help modernize and grow the Kilgore Bowling Center. First order of business was to make immediate repairs to get the pinsetters running more reliably, quietly, and with the proper parts. Organization of the workspace, parts, and proper tools was key in getting on with significant improvements.

Business Management and Head Mechanic Workstation
Tool & Small Item Workbench
Hardware and Main Workbench
Pinsetter Parts Room

The Phase I reconditioning of these vintage pinsetters is completed. This phase focused primarily on the deap cleaning, rebuilding turret assemblies, turret clutches, interlocks, and pit conveyor (shaker) assemblies, and doing some much needed lubrication top to bottom.

The before pictures reflect the start point (click on picture to enlarge).

Gut-em, Clean-em, Lubricate-em, Paint-em, Assemble-em and Lubricate-em some more!

The after pictures show the progress made so far (click on picture to enlarge).

Phase II is now basically completed. This second phase was focused on belts and replacing rigged electrical wiring, cleaning up and rewiring the electrical boxes and upgrading the A's to A-2 cycle solenoids.



Phase III is now underway which involves completing the solenoid upgrades and inspecting and rebuilding the gearbox clutches and linkages. As you can see, we are getting there.

Now we are focused on facilities maintenance and modernization. New Air Conditioning, a major rewiring of the facilities, a significant upgrade of the snack bar, new paint, masking units, new flooring in the game room, and repairs to the rest rooms are all but completed. Next is the curb appeal to the outside of the facilities.